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Planning Committee

Wednesday, 3rd July 2024 at 11:00am
Planning Committee
03/07/2024 11.00 am
Council Chamber - Guildhall, Bath

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Thursday, 6th June 2024 at 6:30pm
06/06/2024 6.30 pm
Council Chamber - Guildhall, Bath

Planning Committee

Wednesday, 5th June 2024 at 11:00am
Planning Committee
05/06/2024 11.00 am
Banqueting Room - Guildhall, Bath


What is a webcast?

A webcast is a transmission of audio and video over the Internet enabling you to watch council meetings live from the comfort of your own home on your PC, Apple Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Using this microsite

Forthcoming and most recent webcasts are displayed on the left. Older webcasts can be found in the Webcast library. All our webcasts should be archived within two working days and are available for 6 months after the event.

When watching check out any extra features that may be available such as presentations, resources, and speaker profiles. In an archived webcast, use the links in the Timeline to jump to a specific agenda item or speaker.

Please note that councillors may be referring to agenda documents via their tablet devices.

Sharing and embed features

Click the Share button at the top of a webcast player page to share the short link via social media sites or email, or obtain the HTML code to embed the webcast on your own web site (N.B. wordpress.com sites won't allow embedding).

For a live webcast, these share features are available from the player page on the day of the webcast. For an archived webcast, you can also choose the point in the webcast at which you want the link or embed to start. This time facility can also be accessed from the webcast's Timeline.

Having problems viewing?

See the Help section for information on technical specifications and troubleshooting.

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Copyright notice

All webcast footage is the copyright of Bath & North East Somerset Council.  Webcasts for which we have provided the embed code can be hosted in full on another website.  However, you are not permitted to download footage nor upload it (in part or in full) to another website without the written permission of Bath & North East Somerset Council.  Please be aware that video sharing websites (e.g. YouTube, Google Video) state in their terms and conditions that you must be the copyright owner and have the permission of all those involved in order to upload videos.


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